Electronium A Complete Guide To Audio Composition LP

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Electronium was originally released as a boxset a few years ago, but is back as a single LP!  Fans of early electronics and general synth nerdery (modules!) will be all over this as the album focuses largely on the work of Raymond Scott, an experimental composer and pioneering electronic instrument inventor. Scott is responsible for inventing several early electronic instruments, including the Electronium (after which this comp is named) and the Clavivox, and also served as a mentor for Bob Moog! As for the music, hip-hop fans will instantly recognize "Lightworks" as the sample source for that Dilla track, while "Wield Piece" and "Don't Beat Your Wife" offer more examples of early electronic weirdness. There's plenty to dig into here from Scott, but the comp also features the work of Dick Hyman (famous for his moog cover of James Brown), as well soundscapes from Oneness of Juju, Alex Durbin, Trip Motion Picture, and an unreleased track from Pink Floyd! 21 tracks total, chock full of great material for producers and fans alike.

  • music label: Electronium 2007
reviewed by Hires