Escort Barbarians (Tiger & Woods, Jkriv) 12"

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The formidable New York disco power house is back! Whenever they come out with a record Escort seems to be able to top the last one. "Barbarians" harnesses the essence of what Escort is all about; the chucking, Chic indebted guitar riffs, determined bass lines, strong and assured vocals, and exquisite arrangements. It's one powerful tune, altogether undeniable and immediate. They're definitely revivalists, but they know exactly what they're doing. For this 12" they've enlisted the help of a few producers for some key remixes. Tiger & Woods takes things in a New Jersey garage direction, while JKriv goes all DJ Sneak with a little French touch for good measure. Rance Muhammitz is perhaps the most faithful to the original, continuing in the disco vein but going for an anthemic 70s rock vibe.

  • music label: Escort Records 2013
reviewed by Joey Coco 11/2013