Ex-Terrestrial Paraworld Vinyl 12"

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Mellow madness from Montreal! 1080p does it again with another excellent release, this time with the debut from Ex-Terrestrial aka Adam Feingold. For Paraworld, Feingold harnesses the energy of 90's  atmospheric IDM, downtempo and ambient on four stunning and exceedingly chilled out tracks. "Blue Smoke" is an easy standout here, recalling early Mo'Wax with steady downtempo rhythms and sparse atmospherics. Tracks like "Paraworld" and "Aletheia" turn up the tempo, but keep the vibe chill with a throwback Warp feel. Finally "Dreams Of Jupiter" closes the EP out on the ambient tip with kaleidoscopic pads and sun-baked bells to ease you into a higher state of consciousness. Recommended.

  • music label: 1080p 2016
reviewed by Robson Fry 05/2016