F. Mavelli Special Brigade (Legowelt) Vinyl 12"

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Cosmic cop movie tracks from Legowelt! First available as a CD-R back in 2009, we've finally got Bunker's white label pressing of these retro soundtrack jams. Imagine yourself turning on some B movie from the 70s, expecting a little third rate action, and instead you get blown away by the soundtrack. Well, that's what we've got here. Think some of John Carpenter's best, but with a twist that only Mr. Wolfers can provide. Operating under the guise of Florenza Mavelli, Legowelt mines inspiration from the Giallo films of days past. The results are riveting and intense, pure synth workouts that keep the action moving. The whole thing is a great collection of analog drama just waiting for a movie to be made around it.

  • music label: Bunker Records 2014
reviewed by Stachy Mous 02/2016