F.R.U.I.T.S. / PTU Dat 22 / Tuesday Night (DJ Sotofett) Vinyl 12"

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There's a slim chance you've heard of the artists featured on this release. Only those of you that have kept up with the Austrian label Laton's releases over the years will likely be familiar. But that's not important in the least, as you'll probably need a new soundsystem once you play this record. F.R.U.I.T.S.'s "Dat 22 (First Track)" starts off innocuously enough, all sizzling percussion and synth pads. Once those bass pulses hit though, you might be looking for some new speakers. It's just the right mix for a sweaty basement crowd. "Tuesday Night," from PTU's 2009 album Hard Week, gets remixed by Sex Tags Mania's DJ Sotofett on the flip. It's stripped down to a barebones mix of bass and drums as it moves through a few distinct phases. Starting with a dark industrial vibe the track makes an interesting and effective switch to simple but pounding techno before closing out with a slightly ambient moment. It's not pretty, but has the potential to drive the right crowd insane. This is straight forward techno, explicit in its intent.

  • music label: Laton 2014
reviewed by Joey Coco 08/2014