• Factory Floor: How You Say (Bookworms Remixes) Vinyl 12"

Factory Floor
How You Say (Bookworms Remixes) Vinyl 12"


↳ rough techno reworks from the Brooklyn based producer

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Factory Floor's music is always packed with a lot of intensity. Their recent, more stripped down material seems to up the ante even more so. Brooklyn's Bookworms, of L.I.E.S. and Confused House fame, delivers two remixes of "How You Say" off of Factory Floor's self-titled DFA full length. The two takes seem like explorations of the immediacy and simplicity of the original track. Where the originals vocals lent it a more psychedelic air, Bookworms buries them in hazy noise and delay. The effect is altogether more industrial but the pulsing bass line and ever present rhythm remind us that this is techno. Things get a little more free and experimental with "Remix 2." Where the first take was tightly focused, here the bass line shifts and effects move in and out. Two sides of the same coin perhaps, but you can see why Factory Floor could not choose just one.

  • music label: DFA 2014
reviewed by Joey Coco 05/2014


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