Fatima Yamaha What's A Girl To Do? Vinyl 12"

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Sometimes the best moments are overlooked when they first appear. Originally released in 2004 on D1 Recordings, Fatima Yamaha's (nee Bas Bron) "What's A Girl To Do?" caught on in the label's native Ireland where it's become an end of night staple going on 10 plus years. The track, as good as it is, did not catch on anywhere else. That seems to all have changed now that Hudson Mohawke used it as the base for the track "Resistance" off of his 2015 album, Lantern. This brought renewed attention to the cut and Yamaha's work in general. Being that the original release is hard to come by, we've got to hand it to Dekmantel for reissuing the song along with a few other selections. "What's A Girl To Do?" is an emotive piece of motorik techno driven by sighing lead line that sounds fresh every time you hear it. The accompanying tracks may not strike the same chord, but they are quality in their own right. The beat-less "Plum Jelly," which closes out the a side possess a compelling melody, drawing you into its microcosm. And while more forward than "What's A Girl To Do?," "Half Moon Rising" is just as moving. Hats off to Dekmantel and Fatima Yamaha! Recommended.

  • record is labeled incorrectly
  • music label: Dekmantel 2015
reviewed by Joey Coco 09/2015