Favorite Recordings Caribbean Disco Boogie Sounds 1977-1982 Vinyl LP

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Discoteque sounds from the Caribbean! France's Favorite Recordings and Waxist Selecta have teamed up to release a wonderful compilation of Funk filled Disco tunes from the islands. Similar to their French and Brazilian collections in their ongoing 'Disco Boogie Sounds' series, they've picked some digging favorites and lesser known titles to round out the feel good tunes. Stand out cuts include Musicism 'Bermuda Triangle' sounding like a lost Mandrill cut and Teddy Davis 'Let Me Love You' offers more traditional island vibes instead of an American Disco copy cat. This is great for those that like to venture out of their West End packed crates and take a chance on some other worldly soul.

  • music label: Favorite Recordings 2015
reviewed by Taco Vato 1/2016