Fela Ransome Kuti & Africa 70 He Miss Road (Free MP3) Vinyl LP

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Psychedelic mid 70s album from Fela Kuti. On the heels of Expensive Shit Fela released He Missed Road. Produced by Ginger Baker, the album has a more stripped down sound than earlier material from Fela. The call and response vocals are upfront and easy to grasp, and organ solos are featured heavily throughout the record. Longtime Fela collaborator Tony Allen's drumming is on point, adding a good amount of funk to the proceedings. The title track is all about people losing their way and the chaos that comes in their wake. There's a gorilla that finds himself out of the jungle and in the city of Lagos, and a musician who sings only for the deaf. The deaf musician is a caustic personal attack on a fellow Lagosian musician who had stolen one of Fela's girlfriends – the attack extends even onto the original album cover, where this point is literally illustrated. Includes free download of the album.

  • music label: EMI 1975 / Knitting Factory Records 2014
reviewed by Señor Sueño Latino 08/2014