FF Yellowhand You Want Every Night / Can You Feel It Vinyl 12"

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Boogie heat! FF Yellowhand's "You Want Every Night" is one of those rare French boogie 12"s that seriously goes OFF. I first heard this jam when we had Beautiful Swimmers play at our regular APT gig and had to immediately bum rush the decks and train spot. This 12" is the sole release from French singer/songwriter Francois Feldman (aka "FF") with the group Yellowhand (who only had one other 7" besides this record). Together they absolutely nail that boogie funk vibe on "You Want Every Night," a funky sure shot for dancefloor. Flipside features the equally funky "Can You Feel It," that bounces along with slick horn and string accents and of course, that grooving bass. Import reissue with convincing Fire-Sign labels, just like the OG. Recommended.

  • music label: Fire-Sign Limited 1981 / 2015
reviewed by Boog-Boog 07/2015