Floorplan Sanctified (Robert Hood) EP 12"

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Three hefty cuts from Robert Hood under his Floorplan alias. Hood's been one of the most prolific minimal techno producers, but his sound is not anything typical for the genre. On the A side is the gospel filled "We Magnify His Name," a track that makes for a huge kick off especially when things really pick up. Flip the record over for more familiar Floorplan territory. "Baby Baby" works a stuttering vocal sample over a constantly growing beat. It moves at a breakneck pace that is only amplified by his use of horn stabs throughout the track. The 12" closes out on a slightly more dubbier note with "Basic Principle." It may be a bit more subdued than the opener, but still a jam in and of its own right.

  • music label: M-Plant 2011
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 10/2013