Flying Lotus Cosmogramma Vinyl 2LP

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Flying Lotus finally drops his much anticipated and heavily hyped third album on Warp! Cosmogramma raises the bar to outerspace heights and goes above and beyond all expectations from the prolific LA producer with mind expanding cosmic jazz melodies, futuristic beats and bleeps from beyond, and totally organic yet unpredictable arrangements that prove why Flylo is at the top of the class for the new school sound. If Los Angeles was the mission statement, Cosmogramma is the magnum opus - a self-described "space opera" that treats the ears to new possibilites in the sonic realm featuring collaborations with relative Ravi Coltrane, harpist Rebekah Raff, bass virtuoso Thundercat, string arranger Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, and vocals from Radiohead front man Thom Yorke and Laura Darlington. There is also an undeniable spiritual jazz vibe soaked into the futuristic beat tapestries reminiscent of his aunt Alice Coltrane. This is something that needs to be heard in its entirety for the full effect but here are some picks: Check the opener "Clock Catcher" that sets the mood, "Pickled," the heavy head nod of "Zodiac Shit" and "Recoiled," the abstract funk of "Computer Face / Pure Being," the brilliant "And The World Laughs With You" ft. Thom Yorke, "Arkestry" with its freeform Sun Ra feel, the uplifting "MmmHmmm," future house grooves on "Do The Astral Plane," and with Thundercat, and the groovin' "Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph." 17 tracks total. Undoubtably fresh, highly recommended. BONUS: This LP includes a coupon that's redeemable for a free, high quality download of the album from Warp's website.

  • music label: Warp / 2010
reviewed by snackmaster 04/2010