Flying Lotus Pattern+Grid World Vinyl EP

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12" vinyl $16.95
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Following up his brilliant Cosmogramma full length, Flylo drops this impressive EP titled Pattern+Grid World. Like Cosmogramma the tracks here are ambitious, but focused and fully realized, raising the bar once again in the realms of new school beats. This one's a no brainer for old fans and new listeners alike. From the chugging sonic soundscapes of the opener "Clay," to the cosmic jazz D&B workout "Kill Your Co-Workers," the slumpy outerspace funk of "Time Vampires" and "Jurassic Notion/M Theory," and the super accessible "Camera Day" (which first made its appearance as the back beat for Killer Mike's "Swimming"), it's great to see FlyLo is mastering his own style, while still expanding into territories unknown. 7 tracks, includes free MP3 download, recommended.

  • music label: Warp / 2010
reviewed by snackmaster 09/2010