Fool's Gold Fool's Gold 4 Deep Serato Pressing Control Vinyl + Slipmats

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Vinyl 2LP $59.00
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Fool's Gold celebrates its 4-year anniversary with the release of a super limited-edition (only 2000 worldwide!) set, which includes 4 highly sought after, previously unreleased remixes spread over 2 clear marble yellow LPs with serato control tones on the flip and a pair of exclusive slipmats stamped with the iconic Fool's Gold logo. As far as the music is concerned, the label includes Tony Senghore's wicked take on Lil B's "Freeze(1)," a half-time mix of Kindom's "Mind Reader(2)," a club-ready version of Cubic Zirconia's "afterhours jam" "Night Or Day(3)" and Amen Brother's 808s-and-breaks-heavy remix of DJ Gant-Man's "Juke Dat Girl(4)." Highly recommended!

  • music label: Fools Gold
reviewed by Nakinboots 11/2011