Format #1 (Orlando Voorn) Vinyl 12"

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Original dutch techno madness! Orlando Voorn, here under his Format alias, dropped one of the most driving and infectious techno tracks of the early 90s. "Solid Session" rides a repeating synth line from here to Amsterdam and back again, but by the time it's over you'll be asking for more. It's a simple and supremely catch track, and it stands up to repeated listening without breaking a sweat. Some heads might decry the bells that come mid-way through and that's their problem. This is a track that has stood the test of time for more than 20 years. The rest of #1 is worth the price of admission as well. Nothing else is quite as catchy, but there's plenty of funk to go around. "Destination" seems like something Future Times would want to release while "Ya Can't Stop Me" is a break filled party starter.

  • music label: ESP Records 1991 / Only One Music 2015
reviewed by Joey Coco 05/2015