Fort Romeau Fairlights Vinyl 12"

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Fort Romeau's tribute to the Fairlight CMI synthesizer. The Australian Computer Musical Instrument (CMI) won the hearts of influential artists of the late 70's and early 80's like Herbie Hancock, Peter Gabriel, and Kate Bush. It's not surprising that this beautiful piece of hardware still inspires producers to this day, including one Micheal Greene aka Fort Romeau. The UK-based producer pays a proper homage with a suite of "Saku" tracks that take the listener on a journey through "evolving around heart-breaking dance-floor romanticism, jaw-breaking beat exercises, life-affirming ambient digressions, and a general feeling of spring fever." If you like your dance music with a bit of romantic nostalgia that gives you the feels, this one is for you. 

  • music label: Running Back 2015
reviewed by Dream Chaser 08/2015