Four Tet Pause (180g) Vinyl LP

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Four Tet's Pause is a great fusion of lo-fi acoustics and downtempo sensibilites, easily making it one of his most mellow and chilled out full lengths. There is a calm, indie feel to the album (probably due to the delicately guitar-laced tracks) but usually counter-balanced by a cool breakbeat. Check "Glue Of The World," "You Could Ruin My Day," or the Boards Of Canada-esque,"Parks" to see what I mean. "No More Mosquitos" rocks a little harder with some squelchy synth stuff, but the rest of the album is very relaxing with long ambient soundscapes perfect for lying around and day dreaming. 11 tracks total.

  • 180 gram pressing
  • music label: Domino 2001
reviewed by snackmaster