Frak Sudden Haircut Vinyl 12"

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The music of Frak never seems to stray to far from its roots. The trio of Björn Isgren, Johan Sturesson and Jan Svensson have been making music together since they were teenagers in the late 1980s. Noted analog hardware enthusiasts, their music is a mixture of EBM, acid and techno, a fitting concoction for Josh Cheon's Dark Entries imprint. Sudden Haircut is a mixture of new, reissued and unreleased productions, and opens with the newest of the bunch. Chugging, motorik 808 sequences play against a rolling bass line that threatens to draw you in to its rhythmic trance. The middle two tracks were originally released on Sex Tags Mania in 2012. We're happy that they were included here as that release seems to be on an exponential rise in price. The melody that creeps out of "Synthfrilla" is worth the price of admission alone, while "Synthgök" delivers driving, lighthearted electro with ease. The record closes with a track that seems as if it was lifted out of some lost 1980s New York basement. All sweat and sleaze, the track seems to go nowhere while going everywhere at the same time. Get your hands on these before they're all gone. Recommended.

  • includes postcard
  • music label: Dark Entries 2016
reviewed by Joey Coco 03/2016