Gaslamp Killer I Spit On Your Grave CD

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Finally, the highly anticipicated mix from the Lab's dirty beat digger Gaslamp Killer! This is his third official mix and I'll have to say, it's a mind ringer. You should know his style by now - dark, swampy funk, with murderous drums and sounds from beyond. Heavy beat brother Kutmah also jumps in on the action, for a straight hour of neck breaking evil breaks. If you're into that late 90's deep funk, eerie Mowax cuts, and spaced out instrumentals, look no further. Tracklist? Sorry, the Killer's M.O. is always a barrage attack, leaving no clues at the scene(I can only name the Flying Lotus and DJ Vadim's Motion Man "Terrorist" instrumental). Definitely something to enjoy while blasted on good headphones. Also, the sick artwork by Shepard Fairey makes GLK look as twisted as ever. Super recommended for the true beat fiend.

reviewed by Cmish 4/08