Gay Marvine Bath House Etiquitte Vol.5 (O'Jays, Chris & Cosey, Iggy Pop) Vinyl 12"

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Gay Marvin twists up more of the classics for your dancing enjoyment. For the 5th installment of his Bath House Etiquette series we get a couple of disco treats and a few reworked cult classics to excite any dance floor. First up is The O’Jays “I Love Music” getting an extended groove full of sunshine and smiles. “Wacky Jacky” takes a classic New York party jam from the Fatback Band and keeps it relevant for even the most discerning of partygoers. The B-side takes things into the cosmic and dubby realm with a Chris & Cosey edit and finishes with an outstanding Iggy Pop curveball - the dubbiest take on the Gary Glitter groove you've ever heard. Gay Marvin excels at keeping his reworks simple. He lets the originals do the heavy lifting while making the DJ friendly and more tuned to the modern ear. Gay Marvin is here to help you help yourself.

  • music label: Bath House Etiquette 2014
reviewed by boumtje-boumtje 081411