Gay Marvine Bath House Etiquette Vol.7 (Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode, Nina Simone) Vinyl 12"

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Gay Marvine can't be stopped! Volume 7 in the popular Bath House Etiquette series brings four tracks of serious edit heat, kicking off with a fiery MJ edit ("Luvly One") that's sure to make 'em move. Up next, Depeche Mode gets a little bit of edit love with "Everybody's Looking For A Reason To Live," while "Sea Lion" takes it deep on that jazzy Detroit house tip (Nina anyone?). The 12" rounds out with the rude disco slap of "Player" that's just a nasty groove from beginning to end. All killer, no filler on this one, easily one of the best in the series. Recommended.

  • Bath House Etiquette 2015
reviewed by Gichy Stan 07/2015