Gay Marvine Bath House Etiquette Vol.8 (Donna Summer, Prince, David Bowie) Vinyl 12"

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12" Vinyl $11.95
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Gay Marvine is on fire! The man is raising temperatures by dropping a double dose of edit heat, (right in the middle of this humid af NY summer no less). Released in tandem with Vol. 7 (which shoud be in your cart already), Volume 8 continues to deliver a diverse set of expertly crafted edits for the open-minded dance floor. For starters, check the infectious Donna Summer edit "Luv To Luv", or the Salsoul-esque "Just Together, some edited industrial business with Liasons Dangereuses' "Avant March," and the funky David Bowie oddity "Midnight In Graceland" thrown in for the late night freaks. Hand-stamped copies as per usual.

  • music label: Bath House Etiquette 2015
reviewed by Gichy Stan 07/2015