Ghibli I'm Looking For You Vinyl 12"

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12" Vinyl $13.95
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Rare italo back on wax! I seriously never thought I would see this one pop up, but leave it to Dark Entries to pull out the deepest cuts from the italo black hole and give them a proper 12" reissue. Originally released on Durium in 1985, Ghibli's "I'm Looking For You" is one of the toughest italo grooves put to wax. And if the uptempo BPM, the driving arpeggio bass, and those crystalline DX7 bells aren't enough to put it over the top - Ghibli's dramatic vocal styling (complete with operatic backup) will certainly do it. Needless to say, this isn't for everyone - you either get it or you don't! One for the deep italo heads that's for sure. Instrumental version on the flip. 

  • music label: Dark Entries 2016
reviewed by Duke Lake 05/2016