Gil Scott-Heron And Brian Jackson Anthology Messages (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl 2LP

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Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson collaborated on several excellent albums during the 1970s, and this LP collects the highlights of those LPs for the uninitiated and the casual fan. Scott-Heron's collaboration with Jackson produced some of his most popular and melodic work (this LP is pretty light on the spoken word stuff), including "The Bottle," "Home Is Where The Hatred Is," "Angel Dust," and "We Almost Lost Detroit." The album also has some excellent, though less popular, nuggets like "It's Your World," "Delta Man" and "Shut 'Em Down." This is a great introduction to the duo's work, indispensable for those who are interested in exploring Gil's back catalog. Limited edition colored vinyl pressing. 15 tracks total, recommended.

  • music label: Soul Brother Records 2005
reviewed by Hires 02/2010