Giorgio Moroser Peace Cells Vinyl 7"

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7" Vinyl $9.95
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First of all, let’s not get Giorgio Moroser confused with Giorgio Moroder. It’s probably not the smartest SEO move, but it is a clever name, and the NY-based producer (by way of Norway) delivers a refreshingly weird 7” with dope artwork and some really leftfield soundscapes. Informed by hip-hop, ‘70s horror flicks, r&b, UK garage, and black metal (Moroser was in a black metal band in Norway), “Peace Cells” packs in two tracks, "Feeling Alive" and "No Past," with  with dim, bleak melodies and odd soundbites paving the way. Believe it or not, “at the completion of the recording, the master tape was taken to a secret location where it was buried for 23 days with other artifacts including a vile of his blood.” Whoa. Pressed up on clear square plexi-glass, limited edition of 50!

  • clear vinyl plexi glass pressing
  • limited edition of 50
  • music label: Eternally InDEADed 2016
reviewed by donut savage 07/2016