Glass Candy Feeling Without Touching 12"

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12" Vinyl $22.95
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IDIB's flagship artist Glass Candy returns with this EP, filled with dreamy synth-pop that has a touch of no wave thrown in as well. "Feeling Without Touching" sounds like a cross between Karen O and Tango In The Night era Fleetwood Mac. "Sugar & Whitebread" is a bit more laid back, with some 80s tv instrumentation and an awesome sax part that comes in about halfway. "Covered In Bugs" is a spoken word track in the style of Laurie Anderson, and "Shine Like Gold & Diamonds" is an instrumental closer with some warm analog synths. Also features the instrumental versions of "Feeling Without Touching" and "Sugar & Whitebread." Recommended.

  • Music Label: Italians Do It Better 2010
reviewed by Hires 04/210