Glass Candy Geto Boys / Animal Imagination 12"

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12" vinyl $22.95
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Could something be so hipster that it becomes gangsta? If so, I think I've found it. For this latest Glass Candy treat, they've sampled the beat from Geto Boys' "Mind Playing Tricks On Me," and added their best Blondie-styled vocals for something so theoretically mismatched, it's beautiful. More importantly, they recognize the power of the original instrumental utilizing the chorus section and even getting freaky with the outtro. If that wasn't enough, they've included a cool mix tool drum version, and the instrumental with snippets of the original vocal. And to remind us that these guys aren't just a one sample wonder, they enforce the b-side with two great original tracks: "Animal Imagination" and "Soft Boundaries." Great sleeve too, highly recommended.

  • music label: Italians Do It Better / 2009
reviewed by the mgmnt 08/2009