Gobstopper Records Peace Edits (Kate Bush, Alice Deejay) Vinyl 12"

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So emotional. The debut release from Mr. Mitch's freshly minted Gobstopper imprint is finally here, and with it comes the first ever vinyl collection of Peace Edits. For those unfamiliar, this is the antithesis to the grime scene's War Dubs, a sound that embodies the "make love, not war" ethos with a bevy of emotive samples over sensuous synths, and raw rhythms. You might think of this as the softer side of grime, but in a way it's even more powerful than random bass wobbles under empty drum beats. Mr. Mitch's own "Dru" sets the tone, a hypnotic reflip of Dru Hill, followed by Strict Face's "Alice," an icy remix of Alice Deejay's trance hit and easily the standout of the whole EP. Flipside features the a tweaked Kate Bush remix from Loom and Silk Road Assassin's epic remix of T-Pain. PLUR.

  • music label: Gobstopper Records 2015
reviewed by Deunan K. 04/2015