Goitia Deitz Helicopter / Forever 7"

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The Brooklyn based duo of Goitia Dietz has returned with their second 7" for DiscError Recordings. They continue their psychedelic experiment with motoric precision, the rhythm is ever present but the machines are free to follow their own path. "Helicopter" is, thankfully, mixed for the dance floor. Its repetitive beat guiding the pulsing synths over the course of peaks and valleys. Although it keeps the tempo up, "Forever" plays like the come down to its companion. The drone is a little heavier and the drums more laid back. A hopeful melody leads you to the conclusion of the night as the sun rises a little earlier than you might have hoped. With their second release Goitia Dietz have refined their sound and made it their own. Hopefully we'll be hearing more from them soon.

  • Music Label: DiscError Recordings 2012
reviewed by The Voice 08/2012