Green Day 39/Smooth (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP+2x7"

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Vinyl LP+2x7" $35.95
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Early material from the east bay punk ambassadors, Green Day. Before the fame and the MTV videos, chart topping albums and more, Green Day were just another band perfecting their take on three chord punk rock. Taking obvious cues from bands like the Dickies and the Ramones, Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Drint along with short lived drummer, John Kiftmeyer, made energetic punk rock that could hardly contain itself. You get glimpse of what would come later on albums like Dookie and Insomniac, but 39/Smooth is slightly less polished. Armstrong still delivers hum-able melodies and Drint's backing vocals show their promise, while - somewhat ironically - Kiftmeyer just might provide the best performance on the album. The music is undoubtedly Green Day and for that we are thankful.

  • limited to 2000 copies
  • green and white split vinyl pressing
  • includes the 1,000 Hours and Slappy EPs
  • music label: Lookout! Records 1990 / Reprise Records 2015
reviewed by brothel creepers 04/2015