• GrooveWasher: Record Cleaner Starter Kit - Walnut
  • GrooveWasher: Record Cleaner Starter Kit - Walnut
  • GrooveWasher: Record Cleaner Starter Kit - Walnut
  • GrooveWasher: Record Cleaner Starter Kit - Walnut

Record Cleaner Starter Kit - Walnut

↳ highly effective wet vinyl cleaner, wood handle + replaceable cleaning pads

Cleaning Kit $34.95
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  • safely¬†and effectively removes dust, dirt, and fingerprints from your vinyl¬†
  • cleaning improves the sound of your vinyl
  • wet clean system includes brush handle, cleaning pad, label mask and G2¬†cleaning¬†fluid
  • G2 fluid improves upon the classic D series cleaners of the 70's and is non-reactive to vinyl w/ anti-static action on contact
  • milled, hand gray-washed poplar wood handle with velcro design allowing cleaning pads to be replaced when needed
  • velcro cleaning pad is constructed of¬†split microfiber and other absorbent fabrics
  • label mask prevents wetting the record label when spraying G2 fluid
  • two ounce bottle of G2 fluid can clean both sides of over 50 records
  • made in the USA!


  • Groovewasher's G2 fluid is comprised of state of the art surfactants/wetting agents and designed for maximum cleaning effectiveness of delicate vinyl surfaces, leaving minimal residue w/ no layering or clogging in the microgroove. Discwasher's D4 fluid is mostly comprised of¬†isopropyl alcohol which¬†can extract plasticizers in¬†PVC vinyl, making it brittle and can cause excess wear on the groove¬†from the stylus.
  • Groovewasher's cleaning pad is¬†microfiber with microscopically small split ends that reach down to¬†the bottom of the grooves and is highly absorbant, Discwasher's is similar to corduroy and is less effective. It also attaches via velcro to the handle making it easily replaceable.
  • quality of materials used in the Groovewasher is noticeably higher, especially in the handcrafted handle and pad
  • Groovewasher comes with a label mask to protect your labels, Discwasher doesn't.
  • Groovewasher is made in the USA, Discwasher is made in China.
  • Groovewasher is more expensive (but of higher quality, more effective), Discwasher is cheaper (less effective).
  • Aesthetically, the Groovewasher just looks much better than the Discwasher.


  • (1) 4oz. bottle of G2 cleaning fluid w/ spray nozzle
  • (1) solid milled poplar¬†handle
  • (1) all purpose cleaning pad
  • label protector mask

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