Groundislava Frozen Throne (Marbled Green Vinyl) Vinyl LP

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Groundislava's music has come a long way since his LA beat scene days. Jasper Patterson's productions are a far cry from the chiptune hip hop of his early releases. There were hints on his previous album, Feel Me, of what was to come. However, Frozen Throne may be even further out there than what's expected. Perhaps its Patterson's work with Rare Times - who show up on more than half of the album's tracks - that is responsible for this new direction. Whatever the case Frozen Throne is filled with smooth and catchy vocal pop moments that may catch you off guard at first blush. Give the songs sometime and let Groundislava redefine himself before your ears. The sound is smooth and soulful, a little sweet at times and a little house tinged at others. He moves through territory blazed by acts like Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Perfume Genius. Pop informed by the underground, updated for today's ears. It's effortless and enjoyable, something your teenage sister's best friend will be telling you about before you know it.

  • marbled green vinyl pressing
  • music label: Wedidit Records 2014
reviewed by Le Haim 11/2014