Harry Thumann Andromeda LP

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Cmish put us on to this record and thankfully for you someone decided to repress it. The original is pretty hard to find and has been a favorite of Daniel Wang's and DJ Harvey's for some time. Cosmic sounds fill out most of the record with some serious synth work that descends into some awesome disco jams. The main attraction here is "Sphinx" which is rumored to have either stolen the Knight Rider theme or vice versa. Either way this track will kill it with the nostalgia vibes and then have folks scratching their heads. Great vocoder work and slappy bass solo included at no extra charge. The other stand out is the infectious disco pop of "Welcome Back Jolette" which keeps the rock in check. Really though, you are getting this for "Sphinx" and saying thanks to whoever repressed this.

  • music label: Hansa
reviewed by: The Voice 09/2010