• Head High: Megatrip Vinyl 2LP

Head High
Megatrap Vinyl 2LP

Power House

↳ raw uplifting 90s breakbeat inspired techno

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René Pawlowitz seems to have the easiest time making club tracks. The Berlin based producer has a keen sense for very heavy drums and very heavy bass. It all becomes apparent when you listen to the club records he's released over the years under names like WK7, Evil Fred, Sigg Gonzales, WAX and EQD, and his current nom de guerre, Head High. Taken as a whole, these are some of the biggest club records to come out of Berlin in the past few years. They're utilitarian and formulaic, and get straight to the point. At the same time they're records that sound like they were made by someone who know exactly what they were doing. Megatrap continues Pawlowitz's ritual of releasing massive rave tunes that are aimed straight for the dancefloor. There's an attention to detail that might not seem apparent on first listen. It's as if he has an innate sense for what creates energy in the club. The drum programming is always in motion, with bass drums tuned specifically for each track. Distorted and brutal in one, round and hefty in another. Breaks are deployed with restraint and skill; they reference the hardcore jungle sound of the early 90s while taking the music in a new direction. "Megatrap (Real Mix)" takes this to the extreme with just a lone kick drum on the one, the rest of the space being filled in by an expertly chopped break and plenty of sub bass. And then there's the opener, "Hex Factor," which combines classic UK rave with Pawlowitz's punishing kick drums. Megatrap is unfussy music that is designed specifically for the club. It's extremely enjoyable outside of that context, as well. Recommended.

  • music label: Power House 2014
reviewed by Joey Coco 07/2014


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