Henry Junjo Lawes Junjo Presents - The Evil Curse Of The Vampires Vinyl 2LP

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Produced by Junjo Lawes, backed by Roots Radics, engineered by Scientist, mixed at King Tubby's 1981: a rhythm lovers dream combination. One of the most smoked out dub albums of all time, Scientist really breaks down into some dark and lurking places in pursuit of the vampires. Most of the rhythm tracks come from the Wailing Souls' equally classic Waterhouse Rock and both were released to big sales on the Greensleeves label. All of the tracks have a really complete feel to them and change up the mood as they go. My favorite is the first one on the second side (Toyan's "Capitol Offense") where Scientist rewinds Toyan's lyrics and fires up the bassline in a soundclash style "Scientist ya too hot..." Great album cover (in case you can't tell, that's Scientist on a boat blasting rhythms at the monsters from behind his mixing console) and the monster theme runs throughout. The first time I realized how crazy this record was I was laying in a hot bath with the record turned up. I had to jump out and rewind. This special 2016 reissue includes a bonus disc including all the original vocal versions with completely remastered sound and huge foldout poster. Official VP pressing with glossy sleeve - this is the version to own! 

  • double vinyl version w/ vocals + dubs
  • bonus disc includes original vocal versions
  • remastered sound
  • includes foldout poster
  • music label: Greensleeves Records 2016
reviewed by the mgmnt 05/2016