HNNY Surf Dude Vinyl 12"

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12" Vinyl $14.95
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HNNY just seems to have a way with finding the right loop. Just give a listen to any of the Puss releases and you'll know what's up. Whether it's an old Christina Aguilera track or a snippet of one of Beyonce's latest the dude just knows how to work it. For "Surf Dude" an epic 15 minute long house cut he turns away from the R&B divas and mines an entirely different source. In the tradition of some of the French Touch masters he takes a few seconds of the intro to "Ways You've Never Known" by The Sixth Station and works that baby to death. Nothing too over the top here, just pure and simple filtered bliss. Limited edition single sided clear vinyl pressing.

  • music label: YUMMY 2014
reviewed by Le Haim 09/2014