Holy Ghost! Hold My Breath (Tiger & Woods, Cosmic Kids, Falty DL Remixes) 12"

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12" Vinyl $12.00
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Big remix 12" for Holy Ghost! on DFA. The original version of "Hold My Breath" was not only on HG!'s debut full length, but also on Wolfram's self-titled album, and is a catchy piece of disco synth pop guaranteed to move the floor. Now for remixes, they've hit up top dogs in the new disco scene Tiger & Woods who give the track a sexy stripped down boogie revision, and LA's Cosmic Kids who touch up the track with shimmery synths a plenty. Both versions will surely do the trick in moving butts, but also check FaltyDL's version that takes elements of house, techno and bass and puts em all together in a stewy forward beat melange.

  • music label: DFA
reviewed by snackmaster 10/2011