Honest Jon's Records Christians Catch Hell - Gospel Roots 1976-79 Vinyl 2LP

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If there is hell below.... Honest Jon's masterful collection of Funky, Godly, Downright foot stompin' The Almighty infused Gospel Roots label. The sub label of Henry Stone's TK Records, which spawned countless Soul acts and pushed such major players as James Brown and Ray Charles, this was the most innocent side of Stone's legacy. Featuring acts from all across the country, the overlying theme is praising the G.O.D. in a much funkier way than one would expect... or would they (goes to Gospel Chops)? Camille Doughty, The Brooklyn All Stars, The Fantastic Familyaires, The Jordan Singers, + so many others round out this gorgeous collection that will surely please the atheist of atheists. Beautifully presented, the LPs with a 12”-square, full-colour, sixteen-page album of photos and original artwork, and truly outstanding notes, including insightful new interviews across the board; mastered at Abbey Road. If this is what heaven sounds like, then I might start trying to pray off my debts.

  • Honest Jon's Records 2015
reviewed by N.M. Out 12/2015