Hot Chip Why Make Sense? Deluxe Edition Vinyl 2LP

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Since its inception, Hot Chip has always had a singular sound. Th UK electro pop group has seemed intent on bucking trends and dancing to the beat of their own drummer. Why Make Sense? continues in this vein but takes a more direct and stripped down approach than past albums have. Often times we're treated to just bass and drums along with Alexis Taylor's relaxed and restrained vocals. No element ever seems gratuitous or extravagant. And this is where Why Make Sense? succeeds. You get the sense that Hot Chip are holding back, but the sound of the album is about as close to their live sound as any of their albums has ever gotten. And they're still the goofy, introspective, accessible and experimental band that many fans have come to love. Taylor can throw down the intimate and sensual vibes when the music calls for it, while Joe Goddard seems ever more adept at creating environments that are equally organic and electronic. The songs are expansive despite being stripped down to their core elements. Ultimately Why Make Sense? continues the streak of successful releases that does not seem to have let up since Hot Chip's debut.

  • every copy of the album features completely unique artwork
  • 180 gram pressing
  • includes four track bonus EP and download of the album
  • music label: Domino 2015
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 06/2015