How Do You Are? Recordings Too Slow To Disco (180g, Poster, Free MP3) Vinyl 2LP

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There's a quiet storm brewing, and it's ready to kill you softly. Who knew a Berlin based DJ would have an ear for mellow late 70s West coast Yacht-pop you can almost dance to? Well Marcus Liesenfeld (aka DJ Supermarkt) has got you covered with the smooth sounds of AOR you never knew you'd grow to love. There's plenty to dig here, starting with the opener from Ned Doheny "Get It Up For Love," which you might be more familiar with the David Cassidy or Tata Vega versions of. And the grooves just get better from there. Familiar faces like White Horse, Chicago, Jan Hammer Group and The Doobie Brothers are joined by lesser knowns but the vibe is strong throughout. Nicolette Larson's "Lotta Love" is always a pleaser, as is Fleetwood Mac's "Sugar Daddy." These tracks are all gonna fill you with a little 1970s LA sunshine. So suave, so smooth.

  • music label: How Do You Are? 2014
reviewed by Señor Sueño Latino 05/2014