How Do You Are? Too Slow To Disco 2 (180g) Vinyl 2LP

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Another round of smooth jams you can almost dance to. Berlin's DJ Supermarkt (aka Marcus Liesenfeld is at it again and delivers another prime batch of mellow late 70s West coast Yacht-pop for those who like to live slow. Consider this guy the captain of the ship, and he's cruising across an ocean of smooth AOR, blue-eyed soul, and city pop you never knew you'd love. Supermarkt sets the course off easy with an opener from Daryl Hall & John Oates, but quickly gets into deeper waters with cuts from Ben Sidran, Jimmy Gray Hall, Dave Raynor, Larsen-Feiten Band, Byrne & Barnes, and many others. 16 tracks with fold-out poster of hatchback in the sunset. Schmooooooove.

  • gatefold sleeve
  • includes fold-out poster
  • digital download included
  • music label: How Do You Are? 2015
reviewed by Deely Stan 07/2015