Huerco S. Apheleia's Theme 12"

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The murky depths of house music always tend to bring up something interesting. Whether it's the hazy vibes of Terekke or slow moving improvised jams of Kassem Mosse there's always something interesting lurking beneath the surface. Kansas City based Huerco S.'s most recent for Future Times continues the tradition. The blunted kicks and swinging hi-hats of "Apheleia's Theme" provide the foundation for a syrupy bass line and muted stabs of chords. The elements may sound simple enough on their own, but the quality of the sound would be hard to surpass. The track progresses along at a leisurely pace, with the pieces being mixed in and out. Why mess around when you've got something going that's this good? The two accompanying tracks on the b-side provide a more abstract vision. "Ausschachtung" chugs along in all its disjointed glory, while "Cercy" is a little more straight forward. Its looping bass line giving you something to grasp on to amid the swampiness.

  • music label: Future Times 2013
reviewed by Joey Coco 09/2013