Huerco S. Railroad Blues Vinyl 12"

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Huerco S. returns to Anthony Naples' Proibito imprint! The textures have evolved from his previous release for the label, 2014's A Verdigris Reader. These are some of Huerco's longest tracks to date, they expand over time but tease where you might expect some sort of climax. "Rushing To Paradise" opens with a wall of sound, some what akin to shoegaze's wafting haze, before a muted kick struggles to break through. It's the track that is getting people most excited about this release. There are traces of dub techno but the chords fill in more space, almost overwhelming things at certain points. A driving pulse gives "Marais Des Cygnes" more energy than the opener. The dubby chords are still there, but they're used as another rhythmic component rather than a wash of sound. Taking up the entire b side is "Transit V (See See Rider)," an intricate track that moves like the changing tides of the ocean. Railroad Blues captures some of Huerco S.'s finest material to date.

  • music label: Proibito 2015
reviewed by Joey Coco 09/2015