Hunee Hunch Music Vinyl 2LP

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Debut album from Hunee! Since dropping his first 12" back in 2009 (the excellent Tour De Force EP on WT), Hun Choi (aka Hunee) has become a well respected figure in the dance underground, having developed a very distinct style of production and DJing. You can always tell a Hunee track when you here it, even if it's on a wide array of labels like Rush Hour, Dekmantel, Ostgut Ton, etc. (all of which have released his material). Likewise with his laid back style of DJing that spans many time periods and genres. That said, it comes as no surprise that Hunch Music is Hunnee doing Hunee 100%. The album breaks the silence of releases since 2012 and finds Choi expanding his range far beyond dance music's typical constructs. There's still a good amount dancefloor oriented material, each retaining that carefree, wandering vibe that his tracks tend to exude ("Crossroads," "Hiding The Moon"), but there's experimentation with beat-free soundscapes that hint at a wider vision and make for a well-rounded listen ("Bruises" and the introspective "Amo (Admiration)"). 10 tracks spread over 2LPs from Rush Hour. Recommended.

  • music label: Rush Hour Recordings 2015
reviewed by TKB 08/2015