Idjut Boys & LAJ Reggae Lovers Vinyl 12"

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It's hard to fathom just how long ago it was that this track first came out. The Idjut Boys & LAJ's "Not Reggae" was a killer when it dropped back in 1995 and it's been out of print since. So it's fitting that Rue De Plaisance felt that it was due for a reissue. The original is presented in its stripped down "Beats & Bass Mix" which will turn out pretty much any dancefloor today. It's accompanied by two remixes that build on the simplicity of the original without going overboard. David K embraces the percussion for a more tribal take while Varoslav takes things in a more dark and tech-y direction. The 12" closes out with "Suicide Lover" which originally appeared on the 1999 album, Life The Shoeing You Deserve from The Idjut Boys And Quakerman. High quality pressing, limited copies.

  • music label: Rue De Plaisance 2013
reviewed by Joey Coco 05/2014