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The Idjut Boys always deliver when it comes to the more cosmic side of production. They seem to be at their best when they let their dub influences run wild. The London based DJ duo of Conrad McDonnell and Dan Tyler got their start in the early 90s and have released a variety of material over the years. Versions takes the bulk of their 2012 full length, Cellar Door, and dubs it out to deep space. While some may argue that Cellar Door missed the mark, these dub versions more than make up for that. "Kenny Dub Headband," a re-imagining "One For Kenny" as a 10 minute long chugger particularly stands out. Moving at a smooth 106 bpm, the track is built around an amorphous piano riff, touches of house, funk, reggae and disco all thrown in to the pot. "Lovehunter Dub" takes a more Balearic approach, layering congas and acoustic guitar over washes of noise and a steady kick. Versions is an easy record to sink yourself into. The building reverb and delays of the Idjut Boys' productions provide a glistening sea to get washed away in.

  • music label: Smalltown Supersound 2015
reviewed by Señor Sueño Latino 09/2015