In Flagranti Worse For Wear Sampler 1 12"

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The infamous dirty disco duo known as In Flagranti is back! Sasa Crnobrja and Alex Gloor have certainly made their mark on the new disco scene with oodles of sex-charged beats inspired by the sleaze of yesteryear. This EP is a sampling off the new album, Worse For Wear and finds the boys switching it up a bit, introducing lo-fi trash, italo and house vibes. Don't get me wrong though, the disco sleaze is still there (and even grimier than before), but paired with an expanded and evolved sound. "Worse For Wear" sets the tone with cavernous synth bass and dark druggy vocals, while "Prelude To Chaos" keeps it uptempo on the lo-fi punk funk tip. "Peculiar Protagonist" brightens up the mood with a new take on italo-house, and "Latter Day Methods" closes it out off-kilter synth style. Choice material for the freaks. Recommended.

  • music label: Codek
reviewed by snackmaster 04/2011