Interceptor Together Vinyl 12"

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This might be the best record that Murk ever released. The Miami based label, set up by producers Oscar Gaetan and Ralph Falcon in the early 90s, dropped this bomb as their second release. They distilled the house sound of Chicago and New York into something that was uniquely Miami. Deeper and more hypnotic than what was coming from the northern US, their brand of house is built around bubbling basslines, percussive loops and simple, echoing synth lines. It's all brought together by heavily soulful vocals. As Interceptor Ralph and Oscar are joined by singer Mark M, aka Marck Michel who provides the perfect, yearning and seductive vocals for the track. This faithful reissue is remastered from the Murk DATs, and contains all the original versions and dub mix.

  • music label: Murk Records 1992 / 2014
reviewed by Joey Coco 08/2014