Inxec vs Droog Westbound EP

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12" Vinyl $12.00
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Crosstown Rebels adds another sexy, dancefloor-ready release to its excellent catalog, this time thanks to the "Choice trans-Atlantic partnership" between LA-based Droog (Culprit label head) and UK techno veteran Inxec. Westbound features 4 tracks, starting with the "eerie techno soul" of the title cut, which also contains subtle latin influences. "Accidental" follows on an ambient techno tip, presenting a dubby and bassline-driven sound with sultry female-vocal-sample accents. Sophisticated dance vibes continue with "Unhinged," probably the most sensual track on the EP, and the house-y "Sleepless Knights" also does not disappoint. Simply put, play any song off of this record at any point of the night and it's a party, granted you're working with a discerning, tasteful crowd. Recommended.

  • music label: Crosstown Rebels
reviewed by nakinboots 08/2011