Ital / Magic Touch Anywhere You Want Me / From A Dream 12"

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Mi Ami band members Ital and Magic Touch have been making a lot of noise on the left of center dance music scene in the past year. With respective solo singles for 100% Silk they helped the label become the juggernaut it has. While some may find the supposed irreverence with which they approach their productions off putting, it is refreshing to take in a different perspective and see some feathers get ruffled. Magic Touch traffics in high energy, sample based house, and with "Anywhere You Want Me" it comes on heavy. It gets a heavy dark side remix from Ital that sounds like a trip to Satan's gospel church. "From A Dream" breaks the spell with chopped up vocal samples and rubber-band boogie bass. The last 3 minutes of the Magic Touch remix just might be my favorite part of this record though. Any semblance of a dance song is stripped away to reveal a percolating drone that shows just how adept at manipulating sound this duo is.

  • Music Label: 100% Silk 2012
reviewed by The Voice 08/2012